Quiet, reliable 4.0 HP AC motor. Produces speeds of between 0.8 and 22 km/h with maximum silence.
The HST Phenolic Wax System includes a revolutionary combination of belt and deck with HST Phenolic wax unique to the market that provides a low maintenance system.
Easy Toolbar for quick, instant access built into the front handrail, this includes pulse rate contact sensors, one-fi nger speed and tilt buttons and emergency stop.
Central electric single shaft lift ing system that allows a maximum gradient of 15%.
Innovative design with an attractive curved profi le S-shaped monitor with a carefully studied slope for an enhanced view of the display and a more ergonomic posture.
Magnetic speed sensor, used to detect and prevent potential problems.
Monitored heart rate: measured either by contact with the handlebar or via telemetry (Integrated POLAR compatible receiver).
Band with tough, fl exible, slip resistant, absorbent PVC surface. This surface is highly resistant to abrasion, mechanical strength and shock proof and it is also recyclable.
Connection for mp3 and built-in speakers, which let the user listen to their own music while exercising.
Powerful two-speed fan, for a more rewarding exercise experience.
Ultra reinforced chassis and oversized frame. Provides maximum strength and reliability during exercise.
ProTronic cushioning system. Its shock damping system with 8 elastomers helps prevent muscle and joint injuries.

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