Electromagnetic and self-generating braking system. No electrical connection required (unless the user wants the monitor to be on constantly when not pedaling).
Poly-V belt drive system to ensure silent exercising and minimal maintenance.
Box Frame. Frame made of high tensile steel Its box section frame provides additional strength.
Completely open frame in order to off er the free access to the machine.
Monitored heart rate: measured either by contact with the handlebar or via telemetry (Integrated POLAR compatible receiver).
The bicycle fully adapts to the height of each user. Horizontal and vertical seat adjustment ensures a perfect fi t to any user.
Up to 20 resistance levels.
Perfect synergy between saddle and pedals. Ergonomic design that helps to align hips, knees and pedals. A short distance between the pedals heightens comfort.
Bottle and towel holder for a constant hydration and maximum comfort during the longest trainings.
Maximum comfort thanks to its powerful dual-speed fan.
Transportation wheels.
Double screen monitor option: SmartFocus or DOT MATRIX screen.

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